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Peace Of Mind is Priceless

Unplanned expenses are one of the hardest things to be prepared for as a homeowner. Stone Wolf Masonry & Designs is providing a comprehensive annual maintenance program to address these types of situations proactively. By Servicing and inspecting your masonry, tile and/or fireplace we are able to address issues before they become to serious and prepare you for potential issues to budget and plan more effectively. Most warranties and all masonry, tile & fireplaces require annual maintenance to ensure your design stays intact and at its original splendor. 

As a Result....

Our Service Programs

We have created a Preferred Customer Service Program that will offer you a piece of mind for your Masonry, Tile & Fireplace. 

Custom Maintenance Schedule

Once you have joined our one of kind Preferred Customer Service Program we create a maintenance schedule that works for your home, office or place of business.  

Superior Communication

Our office will contact you each year for your scheduled maintenance visits to confirm the appointment. The contact person that is provided will receive a text message or email when your technician is en-route to your location and also once they arrive. 

Comprehensive Inspection Overview

 After your scheduled maintenance is complete, your technician will present you with a detailed maintenance summary and address any issues, if there are any to discuss, with you prior to leaving the premises. 

Peace Of Mind

Our Preferred Customer Service Program was designed with you in mind. Whether you are a home or business owner these Programs will give the peace in knowing you are getting the most out of your materials. 

Programs That Work

We have designed and priced custom maintenance programs to fit all customers. Residential or Commercial we are here to help you get the most out of your investments.

Our Preferred Customer Service Programs


Preferred Customer Service Program's


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